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  • reference No.2000/77913
  • Permit Application no. 2000/5601

Construction of two attached dwellings, one double story and one single story.

Application under Section 77 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987; for review of the failure of the Responsible Authority to grant the permit. Bayside Planning Scheme; Residential 1 Zone,

Bayside Urban Character Report.

Modern innovative design, part two storey part one storey with a longways split of dwellings. Two separated driveways. flat roofs, car parking and carports in 12 metre front setback.

Issues:  Character of the area, effect on streetscape, view lines from street and from other dwellings, width of block at 19 metres not in compliance with council requirements for a min 20 metres. visual bulk, side setbacks, amenity impacts on neighbouring properties.

Appeal Parties; Applicant, Expert witness architect), Local Government, 2 objector appearances.

Extract of Order 2nd Feb 2001

‘The order of the Tribunal is that Application for Review 2000/77913 is allowed and the Responsible Authority’s decision is set aside. A permit is granted for the development of the land …for two dwellings, in accordance with the endorsed plans …


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