Legal Practices:  Specialised Planning Services

Planning Act:  Statutory Planning Regulations:  Planning Procedures

inurb has particular experience with the discretionary provisions of planning schemes. We provide planning expertise and advice to law firms concerning all statutory town planning matters, procedures and regulations.

Local Government Assistance

We advise legal firms and their clients who are confounded by the planning process. We provide assistance to lawyers to negotiate and resolve the difficulties using our extensive planning experience.

Building Extensions: New Buildings: Existing Use Rights

The firm informs legal practices on the need for planning permits or the necessity to complete current planning conditions before additional buildings and works. This includes reviewing Existing Use Rights and researching local government files.

Planning Applications and Town Planning Services

inurb provides the full range of statutory planning services including Town Planning applications, site analysis, panel hearings, rezoning, neighbourhood character, Heritage and Rescode reports, subdivision and site plans:

Expert Evidence: VCAT Representation
We give expert evidence at VCAT, attend planning meetings at councils, write and present VCAT submissions and brief expert witnesses from architecture, heritage, urban design and transport

Property and Land: Feasibility Reports.
The firm prepares property and land reports which determine site feasibility and development potential as well as ascertaining planning and design constraints.


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