Subdivision               Indicative Samples of the work of inurb Planners

Commercial Subdivision

North Fitzroy

Complex subdivision of a 2 storey retail shop of 210m and a rear warehouse of 198m2 in a Commercial Zone: separated by a 3m wide ‘public’ RoW shown on the title in the ownership of the parent allotment. Tasks: Application for subdivision, negotiation with Titles Office and Local Government, Planning legal assessment of the status of the intervening RoW. Consideration of the Local Government Act and Subdivision Act. Submissions re existing use rights, engagement and briefing of surveyors. Subdivision approved..

Broad Acre Subdivision


Subdivision of 4 adjoining rural grazing properties totaling 520 hectares in a fringe growth area. Tasks:  detailed research and reports. examination of local planning scheme and rural agricultural land policy, consideration of growth area policies. Evaluation of rezoning potential for single house allotments up to 500m2 ,  Assessment of rural living subdivision of 1-2 hectares and 5-10 hectares. Examination of Ministerial Direction and previous VCAT decisions. Submissions re council rural land policy. issues: Growth Area timing, and future Government policy, environment overlays, rural and green wedge zoning, access and drainage, water and sewerage. Briefing and engagement of surveyor.

Large Residential Allotment


Subdivision of 3400m2 of residential land along the Yarra River corridor. Examination of redundant plans. Planning analysis of potential for a 6 and/or 8 allotment subdivision for development by the property owner. Individual homes each of four br, two storey and 2 garages. A further 14-16 lot subdivision for town houses if the property disposed into the development market. Representation and written submissions to local council to resolve existing site concerns. Consideration of flood overlays at rear of site and environmental significance zones. Car and pedestrian access. Engagement of surveyors to produce lots for 6, 8 and 14-16 sites.

Subdivision of 2 Dwellings in an urban/heritage area


Intricate subdivision of two abutting existing residential dwellings (with a common seperating wall) on 295m2 .  2 street frontages. One single storey 3 Br Federation home and an adjoining two storey 2 Br 12 year old home. Both homes existed as separate rated dwellings since 2004 following a long and complex VCAT history. Tasks: Planning subdivision application, subsequent applications for minor internal layout alterations. Redrafting of plans, multiple submissions, discussion and negotiation with local government. Direction of land surveyor. Engagement of private building surveyor to ratify common wall matters. Discussion and site inspection with original builder of second dwelling. 2 lot subdivision accomplished and titles certified.

Part subdivision of rural farming land


Planning subdivision application for an excision of 12 hectares from a farming allotment of 53 hectares. Issues: initially a Rural Zone then a Growth Area with multiple overlays, including bushfire and part conservation zoning and development contributions, Consideration of Ministerial Directions, local council strategic plans and Growth Area corridor planning. Submissions and representation. Proposed subdivision achieved. Future potential identified for residential growth.

Internal Subdivision of Existing Apartment


Vertical subdivision & internal separation of a 4 storey housing unit within a multi storey apartment building. Potential for four discrete 1-2 bed dwellings. Submissions and representation to local and State Govt. Issues: Legal planning requirements, application prerequisites, internal redesign and reconfiguration of primary dwelling, occupant ingress and egress, fire rating, review of CDZ1 provisions, examination of subdivision constraints, parking & vehicle access. Internal services re-arrangement.


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