Estate Agents and Property Managers:  Specialised Planning Services

Existing Use Rights: Building Extensions:

We regularly advise on the Existing Use Rights of the activities carried out on properties and the need (or otherwise) to fulfill existing planning requirements prior to further building work or subdivision.

Discretionary Provisions of Planning Schemes: Local Government Advice

Our services are sought to clarify town planning legislation and specific statutory planning matters. We provide advice to resolve Local Council planning issues using our experience with discretionary planning provisions.

Feasibility Reports:  Property and Land Assessment

inurb produces detailed property and land reports for property managers which establish site feasibility, economic potential, planning history  and constraints.

Building Design / Town Planning Permits

The firm has expertise in recommending adjustments to plans which can significantly improve the chances of getting a permit. The feasibility and amenity of a project can be enhanced and objections resolved. We also undertake Building Design services.

Planning Applications and Statutory Services

inurb provides a complete range of town planning services including Permit applications, site analysis, Rescode reports, subdivision, panel hearings, rezoning, neighbourhood character and Heritage reports.

Expert Evidence: VCAT Representation

The firm gives expert evidence at VCAT and panel hearings and provides planning assistance at council meetings. We also draft and present VCAT submissions.

Heritage Overlays

We give assistance regarding planning permits in heritage overlays:- in particular the trigger provisions of planning schemes.


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